4 Days With Connor Fettes

4 Days With Connor Fettes

We had our boy Connor Fettes come down and stay for a few days to show him around some local parks and get a video filmed in the process. Connor is mad consistent so i knew that filming this video would not only be a piece of cake but a great experience for us both. 

He arrived Sunday afternoon and went straight to Rampworx where we kicked the filming off. First thing i realised was how easy Connor can warm up and get into a session, Within ten minutes he was popping 5 flairs like it was nothing. 

The next day we drove up to Stoke on-Trent and hit up Unit1 Parkworks where we also met up with Indy Clayson and Morgan Jones and just had a session whilst we filmed. Again Connor Killed it and we got some great footage. He did go HAM for a few solid hours so we rewarded ourselves with a hefty Chinese Banquet when we got back. 

Tuesday morning we were both pretty beat after getting back late from Unit1 and it was freezing outside but we heading to Ramp1 to try and finish the video. When we got to the Skatepark it was empty which is always best when filming. After a quick warm up we got straight into the filming and Connor Started throwing down. At this point the local schools had just finished so the park was beginning to fill with kids. After a few good battles and heavy slams we got all the clips we wanted and were happy to call it a day. 

We thought that Ramp1 was going to be our last day of filming, however we both wanted to get more footage so i hit up Junction 4 and asked if it was possible for us to go and have a quick couple of hours of filming the next morning before the park opened. Thankfully they said yes and we headed to Darwin first thing where we were greeted with bacon butties and a coffee. (Always a great way to start a session) This is where i think we got the best footage as the Lighting in Junction 4 is amazing and Connor can really ride that park well.

With it being the last chance to get anymore footage we didn't mess around and again, got straight into filming. the benefit of having a closed private session made the whole process a lot easier and more enjoyable. Theres nothing worse then having to wait around for a specific ramp to free up or having a kids walking in front of the camera mid shot. There was a few tricks in Junction that made Connor absolutely Eat it but being the champ that he is we got the clips. After a heavy 3hr session we were done and left feeling satisfied with the footage. 

I've gotta give a MASSIVE shoutout to Ramsey at Junction 4 for coming and opening up early just so we could film. And make sure you keep your eyes glued to there socials for their New Expansions to the park which should be up and ready to ride in the next few months. @skateparkjunction4 on instagram! 

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