Ben Sleet lands UK's first WCMX Backflip!

Ben Sleet lands UK's first WCMX Backflip!

12 Year old Ben Sleet lands the UK's and Europes First WCMX backflip. 

We are incredibly stoked to see Ben pushing the limits and landed heavy tricks such as the backflip. We got in touch with Ben and asked him a few questions to get a better insight to the whole process. 


Ben has even had a feature on LadBible and Sport bibles instagram page which has thousands of international followers. This is absolutely amazing and will help get Ben a lot more recognition. 


 Hey Ben! How long have you been Practicing WCMX? 

I got my first WCMX chair in September 2018 so nearly 4 years.


When did you realise that you wanted to learn a backflip and how possible did you think it would be? 

I've always wanted to do one since watching YouTube videos of Aaron "Wheelz" Fotheringham but wasn't until January 2020 before lockdowns i had my first go at going in the foam pit which didn't quite work out and wasn't until November 2021 i built up the courage to attempt again and it went from there really. 


How long did the whole Process take? From first ever attempt to the land? 

It only took 4 sessions. I was at Adrenaline Alley and thought id try the little foam pit there and because i managed to easily make it i'd thought id give it a go. That day i didn't manage to get it fully but went back the following week and was able to get the fill rotation after a couple of attempts. We then went to Rampworld Cardiff which was where i'd slammed before and started getting used to it and then took it to Resi. Again didn't manage it and face planted quite a lot but went back the next week and landed it. 


How does it feel knowing you're the first in the UK to stomp it? 

Lily Rice was the First to land one in the UK, We believe that i'm the first male but definitely youngest. It feels awesome, sort of shocked, excited and absolutely stoked. 


Have you any plans in the future for more tricks? 

One day a handplant but i'm definitely going for the double backflip, going to need a bigger ramp so trip to graystone very soon to get it into the foam there. 

We are super stoked for Bens Achievement here! please check out Bens instagram and chuck him a follow whilst your there! 


Ben has been repping core for a while now and wheres a bunch of our protection gear when riding. If you would like to have a look at the products that bens wears then click here.

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