CORE BMX Pro Kieran Reilly joins RedBull

CORE BMX Pro Kieran Reilly joins RedBull

Kieran Reilly has been a member of the CORE Team for a few years now, way back before all the tens of thousands of Instagram followers. Nowadays he’s going viral on a weekly basis doing some crazy next level stuff on his bike. This hasn’t gone unnoticed by the top dogs over at RedBull. 

Kieran Reilly CORE pro joins RedBull

Of course once we had word from the powers at be that Kieran would be joining the team we rushed off a helmet for them to customise in the traditional RedBull paint job, all without Kieran knowing. 

Fast forward a few weeks and Baz Keep (bmx ledgers and tall order boss man) arranged for a surprise unveiling for Kieran. Of course Oli was behind the lens to capture it all for you guys. 
CORE X RedBull Helmet

CORE RedBull Helmet

Congrats Kieran, it’s well deserved.

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