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CORE Hollow 110mm Wheels Inline Skate Test with Jenna Downing

So, we know a thing or two about making wheels and we also have a background in skating for the last 20+ years. This got the cogs in our head-turning. 

We produce a very popular stunt scooter wheel the CORE Hollow Aliminium 110mm with a concave core. This wheel is designed to take a beating from stunt scooters throwing them around on mega ramps, doing backflips, flairs and grinding. So surely it can handle being used on skates? 

Power transfer is a big thing when it comes to getting a good pair of wheels, you don't want to lose all the effort you put into skating by having the wrong wheels. Your wheels shouldn't be too soft as you will go slow and feel like your tripping over and on the other side of the coin you don't want them to be super hard or you will feel every single crack. You need to find that sweet spot, and for us that's 88A. Combine that with our Aluminium Hollow Core and its a match made in heaven. 


As these wheels are made for stunt riding they have a rider profile and point of contact with the road. This greatly reduces shock when skating and gives you more stability. You also have the added benefit of not getting stuck in every single crack in the road or sidewalk. When performing jumps or tricks this is a massive bonus and will make you feel like your on Aggressive Skates. 

Reduced weight is another massive perk of having Hollow CORE Wheels, as the name suggests, they are hollow! This saves a huge amount of weight but also gives you increased stability. The hollow Aluminium structure to the wheel has a concave profile to allow air to flow past the wheel without increasing drag.

Now, what better way to test out our theory than to let a former World Champion, X-Games medalist and 10 x British champion test them out? So we did just that, Jenna Downing took these wheels for a test ride overall different types of terrain, did jumps, tricks, wallrides, powerslides, the lot in these wheels.  


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Yesterday I went out to test the @coreuk 110 mm 88A aluminium wheels. Typically used as scooter wheels, I wasn’t even sure if they would correctly fit my tri skates, however the wheels fit easily without any modification. In comparison to my 125s, I found these wheels to be much quicker and smoother when going over bumps, providing a more solid, stable ride. In addition, because of the wider wheel I found that they were easier to perform jumps and basic tricks whilst skating. Finally, I found that these skates offered maximum grip and manoeuvrability and after a 90 min skate on rough terrain there were zero signs of the wheels wearing down. Would I recommend these “scooter” wheels for inline skates? 100%! Just ensure they fit your skates first! If you fancy grabbing yourself a set then head over to and use code jenna15 for 15% discount 🤘

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Another factor to consider when investing in these wheels is how do we test them? Well, all of our products are rider tested and approved before we pull the trigger on manufacturing. But we also batch test every colour and mix of PU we produce, the tricky part about making aluminium CORE wheels is bonding the PU to the core. We can't go into details about how we do this as its a trade secret, but you can be sure it works. We put together a little video for you guys to show the strength of the bonding on the wheels, so no worries about them coming off when riding! 


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