CORE Team on FIRE this weekend!

CORE Team on FIRE this weekend!

The CORE team on FIRE this weekend 🔥

Things kicked off this weekend with the BMX Freestyle National Championships 2022 - presented by Backyard Jam. Round 6 of the Backyard jam series was hosted at adrenaline alley with several competitions. This included Men and women's Elite park and street as well as Amateur and Junior comps too. 

Our Boy Jude Jones took home the W and came first place becoming the national champion, stomping a flawless run scoring him an incredible 96.10. As Judes only Sponsor right now we are unbelievably stoked with him! Make sure to chuck him a follow on the gram and check out his Sick run from the day. 


Kieran Reilly came in and backed him up with second place. A crazy run in the wAIRhouse section of Adrenaline Alley scored him a 94.10 💪🏼

Kieran absolutely smashed it in the Elite mens division too and got that #1 spot with an insane run scoring him a massive 98.75 🤯 Make sure you get Kieran on instagram and check out both his runs and whilst you're there give the backyard jam a follow too! 



It's safe to say that this weekend was good for the CORE BMX team! 



Now for the Wins in Scootering from this weekend! 

This weekend the incredible ISF (international scooter federation) world championships took place at Lake Havasu in Arizona! 🇺🇸

The event took place over the weekend with qualifiers early on Saturday morning. Unfortunately Lake Havasu was hit with extreme weather conditions which meant the finals were postponed until the Sunday evening. 

Our shredder Jamie Hull killed it in qualifiers taking the number 1 spot on the leaderboard. Everyone was hungry for them podium spot and therefore killed it in the Finals. Battling it out on the concrete bowl like park which is very uncommon for UK riders however Jamie did what he does best. 

Not exactly happy with the first run by slipping some feet on a few tricks meant that the second run had to be flawless. On Jamie's second run he started off with doing an incredible double flip triple whip. Landing almost everything in his run Jamie scored an 82.00 putting him in second place.  Well done Jamie on becoming the 2nd in the WORLD 🌍💯

The total Podium for the ISF world Finals 2022 is...

🥇 Chris farris 

🥈 Jamie Hull 

🥉 Archie Cole 


We are Immensely proud of all our riders podiuming at two different competitions in two countries this weekend! Make sure you get them on all their socials and check out there pages! Congrats again guys and well done!! 

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