Get Sponsored by CORE!

Get Sponsored by CORE!

Jamie Hull CORE Pro Rider

CORE creates and designs products to meet the needs of athletes in the action sports world. With over 15 years experience in action sports we have worked with everyone from world champions, influencers and photographers to the local skatepark legend. Everyone we choose to work with big and small plays a vital role in our brand. Could you be next?

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  • Oliver Hellewell

    Hi I’m Oliver I’m 10 years old and been riding scoot for 6 months now and can bri double whip air double flyout I’ve got a sick progression as well

  • Sam Bettington

    hi my name’s sam, I’m 15 years old and I’m from Belgium. im a part time rider i usually ride in weekends and on my school days off. im a fast learner, i’ve got lots of friends to help me but i cant ride because the rain season started. core is one of my favorite brands and i hope ur interested

  • Tomasz

    Hello there I’m BMX rider from Poland
    Living in north England about 4 yrs love to travel around
    Riding is what I love to do
    Every day all day
    Get support from you guys would be great for push myself even harder and safer with you
    From me you can get post on Instagram/Facebook/TikTok much as I can
    Hope we get in touch
    Peace ✌🏼

  • dylan sibley

    i am not that good i am learning quick please could you email me back and see if i can be on the armature team

  • Dylan Walton

    I’m 16 years old from the north east of England 👋🏽 I have over 5 worldies and I am good friends with top pro riders, I have been riding about 7 or 8 years now and don’t plan on stopping at all

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