HalfBarz Blowing Minds at Graystone

HalfBarz Blowing Minds at Graystone

This weekend our boy Jack 'HalfBarz' Ward absolutely killed it at the Graystone Scooter open. 

The Graystone Action Sports Scooter open is hosted every year and consisted of multiple different comps. Male and Female open in a few different age categories as well as Resi Best trick. 

Jack Smashed out two heavy combos in the Resi Comp which meant he took home the W. With his Nothing Back Scoot Bar spin Cannonball to Nothing Front Scoot Late Whip & Backflip Double Throw Bar to Whip he walked away with a nice £150. 

Check out Jacks Winning Bangers here! 

Team Rider Brandon Tang also did amazingly well in the Male Pro Open stomping a solid fast paced run which placed him 4th. This was Brandons first ever Pro Comp so we are extremely stoked for him. 

To see Brandons run check it out on his instagram here. 

Stay tuned and connection to our Instagram to see all upcoming content from the Graystone Scooter open 



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