How Much Are Stunt Scooters?

How Much Are Stunt Scooters?

Like most products, stunt scooters vary in price depending on a variety of factors. The community of stunt scooter riders encompasses professional riders all the way to young children. As a result, there is no singular price tag that you could find to be representative of a stunt scooter–there are simply too many variables.

To help answer this question, we’ve broken down the average prices for stunt scooters based on their build, reviews, and quality. With these subcategories, we hope you can get a better idea of the specific price points in the stunt scooter market so you can budget for the stunt scooter of your dreams.

How Much Are Stunt Scooters?

Cost of Children’s Stunt Scooters

CORE Kids Foldy Junior Kick Scooter—£44.99

As you may have guessed, children’s stunt scooters are more affordable than those for adults in the market. There are several factors that weigh into this price difference—including weight requirements and height requirements. This scooter from CORE is recommended for riders 112 cm (3 ft. 7 in.) and up, with a recommended skill level of Beginner. It is still built with durability in mind and can accommodate children from age 5 to their teens. However, these scooters don’t need as many bells and whistles as an adult professional scooter may need.

The CORE Kids Foldy Junior Kick Scooter is available in black/blue, black/red, black/pink, and black/green.


Cost of Pro Quality Stunt Scooters

CORE ST2 Complete Stunt Scooter—£239.95

Speaking of adult professional scooters, purchasing a scooter for someone that wants to ride at the highest level comes with a higher price tag. While this scooter is perfect for advanced riders and professionals, it has quality components at every level that substantially raise the price of this pro quality scooter.

However, the pros think that the price is worth it, as ST2 has been tested and ridden by some of the best pros in the sport. A combination of innovative design and high-end parts make this scooter more expensive but well worth the price.

The CORE ST2 Complete Stunt Scooter is available in black.


Cost of Intermediate Stunt Scooters

CORE CL1 Complete Stunt Scooter—£184.95

For those looking to upgrade from their beginner scooter, an intermediate stunt scooter can offer a bit of a price hike. However, these are called upgrades for a reason! Intermediate scooters typically offer more maneuverability and are more lightweight, which includes the addition of some more expensive components. This price difference can be seen in the durability of the CL1, as it is more capable of withstanding more difficult tricks. The CL1 is known for its comfort and challenging feel which helps riders to level up from intermediate to advanced.

The CORE CL1 Complete Stunt Scooter is available in black, pink/teal, black/neon, and chrome/teal.


Cost of Beginner Adult Stunt Scooters

CORE CD1 Complete Stunt Scooter—£119.99

Best-suited for first-time riders, the CD1 features all of the things you need for premium riding at an affordable price. CORE even proudly boasts that the CORE CD1 is the “best value for money on the market.” The CD1 features components that are typically only found on professional-grade scooters in an effort to help reduce wear and tear and increase longevity. Other beginner scooters are typically around the same price but may not be built with prioritization on the life of the scooter in mind.

The CORE CD1 Complete Stunt Scooter is available in neochrome/black, blue/black, red/black, lime/teal, teal/pink, and black.


Cost of Budget Stunt Scooters

Mongoose Rise Youth and Adult Freestyle Stunt Scooter—£72

For an option available on Amazon, this stunt scooter from Mongoose is your best option. The scooter is approved for those ages 8 and up and for those who weigh under 220 pounds. The Mongoose Rise has pretty solid reviews on Amazon and is the highest-rated stunt scooter on the platform. However, it should be noted that there are not many reputable stunt scooter options on Amazon.

The Mongoose Rise Youth and Adult Freestyle Stunt Scooter is available in black/green, black/red, and oil slick.

Interested in Shopping for a New Stunt Scooter?

CORE is happy to help you find the stunt scooter of your dreams, whether you want to custom-build your stunt scooter or buy one of our top-rated pre-built options. We offer a complete catalog of parts for custom building and pre-built scooters for every skill level. Click here to look at all of our available pre-built stunt scooters.

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