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How to find the best fitting helmet for skating

CORE Skate Helmet Perfect Fitting Helmet Guide

Finding the perfect helmet can be a pain. They are all different shapes and sizes, some good, some bad. 

The most common problem with finding a good fitting helmet is the lack of a decent size guide and how to measure your head. We have eliminated this problem for you and made a super simple and easy to follow guide. 

To measure your head you need either a clothing tape measure or some string and a tape measure. Now you need to measure roughly 1.5cm above your ears and wrap the tape/string around your headwear the helmet would sit. The string should sit half way down your forehead just as your helmet would. Now that you have your head size it’s time to find out where you fit on our size guide. 

CORE Helmet Size Guide

We have 3 different helmet sizes (XS/S, S/M, L/XL) to give you maximum safety and comfort whilst riding. If you're in between sizes we suggest sizing up to the next model.

All CORE Skate helmets are dual sized by making micro-adjustments with the free set of size adjusting padding that comes with your helmet, this allows you to tweak your helmet to get the perfect fit with maximum comfort.  

The next step is to adjust the chin strap to the perfect length. You can adjust the strap by the ear loops and the chin buckle. You want the ear loops to form a Y just underneath your ears. It is common for a lot of people to let this Y shape to come loose over time and make its way under the chin. We recommend checking your straps before each session to make sure they are in the correct place giving you a secure and comfy fit.

CORE Skate Helmet BMX Helmet and Scooter Helmet

Many brands avoid the process of making different shell sizes because it cost a lot of money to make multiple moulds (about as much as a new Mercedes) they will typically opt for one size fits most situation and pack it out with extra padding or ratchet on the back. We would advise against buying a helmet using this money-saving technique and go for a helmet that was made to fit for your specific head size. It also helps prevent you from looking like a mushroom in the skatepark ;-) 

Now a lot of skate helmets have a perfectly circular inside and try and make it fit your head using padding. The problem is, your head isn't round like a basketball it’s slightly longer more the shape of a rugby ball or a squashed basketball. This is why most helmets don’t feel very comfy, sit too high in your head and never fit well. This is why we decided to launch our own brand of skate helmets.

Inside CORE Skate Helmet

Over the years we have tried pretty much every brand of helmet you can think off, some lasted the test of time, some blew up on impact but none seemed to tick all the boxes we wanted. We tried everything from £10 supermarket helmets to £100 top of the line helmets. It became a bit of an obsession. We couldn’t find “the perfect fit” so, we decided to make our own helmet! Armed with 20 years of skating experience we set about our mission to create "the helmet".

A few trips to China and a lot of really expensive samples later we had it! The perfect fitting helmet. A snug, low profile, stylish classic looking skate helmet

CORE Street V2 Helmet


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