Jamie Hull is the new UK number 1🥇

This weekend was the ScootSportGB finals that took place at corby's Adrenaline Alley were riders from across the country gathered after weeks of preparation in order to battle it out for the finals.

Scoot GB is a competition series made up 5 stops across the UK with 8 different categories from junior 8+ to Pro/Elite. This year we had 5 riders competing in the finals. 8 & 6 year old supported riders TJ and Austin Terry from SNS in the intermediate under 8s, 14 year old Brandon Tang from Manchester in the intermediate 13+ and Connor Fettes and Jamie Hull competing in the Pro/Elite category. 

Tj and Austin Terry absolutely Smashed there runs in the Under 8s category. Austin scoring a brilliant 64.67 putting him in 6th place and TJ scoring an impressing 83 points putting him in 2nd Place 🥈. Really Impressive from both our supported Riders at only 8 and 6 years old!

Brandon Tang Killed it in the Intermediate 13+ Category with an impressive run scoring him an immense 82.33 putting him in 5th place. Considering he has only entered and ridden in a handful of comps the future looks bright for Brandon! 

Our Boy from Scotland Connor Fettes Smashed out a Flawless run, landing everything and earning himself 85.33 points in the process giving him the 8th Spot in the UK. 

And last but not Least Legend JAMIE HULL showed up and took the W! After not riding for what seemed like hours as soon as it was time he dropped in and threw down one of the heaviest and ridiculous runs done all day. Even with a messed up toe Jamie's run earned an amazing 93 points giving him the title of UK CHAMPION once again. We Spoke with Jamie about the comp and heres what he had to say. 

"On the first run I stubbed my toe and it was bleeding though my sock and although it was very painful I just thought 45 seconds to hopefully become champion. I was really nervous about the comp as I’ve been practicing for a while and wanted to get the win and become the UK champion again! When they called out my name for the run all my adrenaline set in and I knew I wanted to smash it! It was a long day but so happy when they called out my name for first place!"
Well done to Jayden Sharman for 2nd and Logan Orchard for 3rd as well as all our riders who competed throughout the series this year. 
Check out all the gear our riders use whilst competing ⤵️










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