Kieran Reilly Stomps The WORLDS FIRST Triple Flair!!!

Kieran Reilly Stomps The WORLDS FIRST Triple Flair!!!

Kieran Reilly makes BMX History by landing the very first Triple Flair straight to wood, taking the limits of the sport to a whole new level.  


The main question behind all of this was... is the triple flair even possible? There have been a handful of people who have landed triple and even quad backflips straight over a Megaramp, however to do this with an added 180° rotation and on a much Smaller ramp is a whole new ball game. Kieran said that after seeing a few Scooter riders attempt the triple flair to foam and even resi, that the rotation is possible and that he wanted to be the first to land it on a BMX. 


Partnered with Redbull you know this project was going to be done properly, and in order to land such an insane trick you need an equally insane ramp to do it on. Luckily the guys at Asylum Skatepark in Nottinghamshire transformed their whole resi Section (twice) in order for Kieran to send it. Building a massive roll in to get speed and an extra big take off with a huge mellowed out Quarterpipe meant that this dream became a possibility. 

Heres what Kieran had to say about the first block of attempts. 

"I started trying it in May 2021. We had a block of about two weeks where I was attempting to learn triple flairs from scratch and then film it. I went into it thinking it was going to be the same as transitioning from a single flair into a double, which wasn't as tough, and I just couldn't have been more wrong.

I spent the first three or four days attempting them into a foam pit – it took two days just to figure out the rotation and then about two days of dialing it in and getting it good before I tried any on a legitimate landing. We also had to make some changes to the ramp set up – the original quarter pipe was only 10-and-a-half foot tall and I quickly realised I couldn't do the trick on that. We added a foot and I was getting a little bit closer. In the end, we added another two feet overall [making it a 12’6” (3.81m) quarter pipe] before it was good enough to be doing it on an actual ramp. We also added a six foot (1.83m) extension to the roll in for more speed.

On the last day of the first block in May, I was on the roll-in for about four hours and couldn't even drop in and try one. Leaving that trick was one of the hardest things I've ever done but I knew that mentally I wasn't in it."

With an Eight Month Break in between the first block of attempts, the worry starts to set in. The possibility of someone else landing it before him would be devastating. In this break Kieran practiced his double flairs after deciding it's the closest trick to the triple. This meant that double flairs went from being done once every other session, to multiple times every time he rode, in order to get more used to the rotation and arial awareness. 

When the second block of attempts and filming came around, Kieran was in a much better shape physically and mentally. After doing Crossfit in the gym Kierans body weight dropped 3 kilos meaning he was lighter but stronger and therefore could rotate faster giving him a physical advantage compared to the last time. Pulling a trick of this level off requires you to be in great shape, not just physically but mentally too. With Kieran ready and the team at Asylum finishing the rebuilding and modifications to the ramp setup meant that it was time. 

After a Handful of attempts over two days Kieran Stomps the TRIPLE FLAIR being the first person to ever pull this trick off and making BMX History. 

Make sure you check out the full Documentary on RedBullBikes Youtube channel! 

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Credit to REDBULL.COM and Charlie Allenby 







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