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Scooter Boyz on Britains Got Talent! 

TJ and Austin Terry have made yet another TV appearance, this time on Saturdays episode of Britains Got Talent. Alongside Red Jackson and Tyler Hainey they now form the group THE SOOTER BOYZ

Above all these boyz are only aged Between the ages of 6-10. They absolutely killed it on the big stage in Londons palladium Theatre. This was the first airing of BGT since the beginning of the pandemic. What a good way to welcome back the show. 

They had a four ramp set up with two quarter pipes either side. Two roller boxes in the middle as well as a flat rail at the front! dropping in two at a time throwing down in front of the judges with an incredible display!

However at the start of the routine Austin took a nasty fall and had to stop the performance briefly. The judges and crowd were silent with shock wondering if Austin was okay. The britains got talent on call paramedic came to Austins aid and thankfully he was okay. For a second it seemed like it was touch and go on whether or not the group could continue. Head judge Simon Cowell got the nod of approval from the production staff. Like a champ Austin returned to the stage and finished the performance. He landed all his tricks and even hyping up the crowd as well as his teammates! 

What did the Britains got talent judges think? 

After the amazing performance they gained a standing ovation from Simon saying "Well done for getting back on after that, that took guts"

"God knows where you parents' hearts were, my heart was in my mouth throughout that. I loved the camaraderie between all of you, all of it was incredible," - Amanda 

With all the judges loving the scooter boyz performance they walked away securing four yes's. This also meant qualifying for the next round of the competition. 

We got in touch with the Scooter boyz to ask them a few questions.

1) Hey Guys! Hope your all well, Just wanted to say a massive well done for your performance on BGT. How did you feel leading up to the big day? 

TJ - I felt scared, nervous but excited for the opportunity to show the nation how good scooting is and hopefully push it forward as an Olympic sport. 

Tyler - It was really nerve racking but after i started it wasn't as scary as i thought. 

2) Did you get a lot of practice for the routine and what did you do to prepare for it?

Austin - No not really, We only got together for six days to practice our routine but we did keep practicing our tricks. 

Red - We all had ideas for different tricks to do for the routine, with the help of our dads too, we actually only had three weekends to practice on the ramps we would be using on the show. 

3) How does it feel knowing you were on national TV?

Red - It was an amazing feeling and i was so happy and it was a little bit weird to see myself on TV. 

Austin - It feels amazing but i am a bit sad that i fell on the first audition. On the next round i am excited to show the nation what i can do! 

Tyler - It felt really good being on TV, i've been on it before for the news but never a show that big. 

TJ - It makes me feel like i am famous, like a celebrity. It feel amazing to show my talent to the nation. 

4) Are you nervous or excited for the next round of the competition?

Austin - Very Excited!! 

Red - I'm Slightly nervous for the next one but excited. 

5) Is there anything else you guys would like to do in the future in regards to television. Or bigger media opportunities similar to Britains got talent?  

TJ - Yes after we WIN :) BGT i want everyone to ask us to come on their shows so we can perform our tricks and show the whole world how amazing scooting is and then compete in the Olympics in 2028. 

Austin - I would like to go on AGT And Blue Peter 

Red - I am so happy to get scooter riding out there more, i would love to see this sport in the olympics and have the opportunity to represent our country how amazing would that be. Dream Big. 

We also got in touch with the parents to see what they think of it all. 

1) How did this idea first come into play? Who had the idea to audition? 

Parents - We received a message on Tjs Instagram account about auditioning for BGT and we thought it was a hoax.  After a brief chat with (Leon) Red's dad we discovered that he had also had the same message on Red's account and had replied.  From there on things started to happen. Calls and emails were exchanged with who we later learnt was a casting agency for the show.

After a zoom call with all the boys we were then asked to make an audition tape to send to the producers.  With the support of the owner at just ramps who enabled us to use his skatepark along with others in the industry to help with the filming, the boys were able to produce an amazing audition. 

This was just a pure example of how supportive the scootering world is - everyone is so kind and always keen to help others to succeed. There is never any animosity between riders just enthusiasm, respect and love of the sport which is why we are so passionate about it as parents.

Reds dad Leon was contacted by BGT talent scout Perrin after seeing Reds  Instagram, after a couple of video interviews where we discussed the possibility of Red doing the show, we ( his mum and dad) had idea for all 4 boys doing a routine together, knowing how close they all are and how they ride with ease together we thought not only would this be a great support for each other but we knew they would blow the roof off !!!!!

2) How did you feel as a parent knowing your sons were going to perform on TV? 

As parents we felt anxious for the boys being so young, and obviously the pressures that comes with landing some of their big tricks in front of the judges let alone a live audience.  However, we know how capable all four boys are and love seeing them do what they enjoy so a lot of mixed emotions on the day.  As for the rehearsals there was a lot of hard work, patience and resilience from all involved but we made an awesome team 

I don't think there are words to describe how proud we feel of all the boys, to see them put on such an amazing show, to come out on a stage in front of not only the judges but also a lot of people and smash it they way they did was just mind blowing. They showed so much courage, confidence and I honestly don't think any of us parents could have done that.

3) Did you think that a hobby like scootering could give your lads the opportunity to do the things they have done? 

When you watch these boys the hard work and determination they have is outstanding.

The natural talent for this sport that they each possess is insane. They have all been doing this from early ages. For Red he was aged 1 when he had his first scooter. They pretty much teach themselves and they don't ever give up until they have that new trick locked in 100%

We never imagined that their hobby and love of scooting would give the boys the opportunity to do the things they have done and we feel blessed that they have.  We both just love watching and supporting them do something they are so passionate about as all we want is them to flourish and have the best opportunities possible - this brings us pure joy.

The Dads are great coaches and will do their very best to help and nurture the boys talent to the standard that they want to achieve.

To sum up we are immensely proud of all the boyz. We cannot wait to see them in the next round of britains got talent.  Very well done 👏🏼 


Click here to see THE SCOOTER BOYZ audition!  

Britains Got Talent! 

Britains Got Talent


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