SkatePark Essentials: Jamie Hull

SkatePark Essentials: Jamie Hull

As well as the Travel Essentials we are also going to be running a blog series called Skatepark Essentials, Which as you can imagine is finding out what our team always bring with them to the skatepark on their sessions. We are gonna kick this off with our local killer Jamie Hull. 


Where is the Session this time? 

The session is at Deeside and it’s recently just opened and it’s soooo good. It’s so smooth the boxes are boss and the resi is active so today Deeside is the session!

Do you bring anything unique to a session that most people don’t? 

The unique things I bring to the skatepark is thinking of gaps n new tricks that some people won’t think of. For example at Deeside last week I did a backflip over a gap I didn’t think was possible to jump. I just like thinking out the box to do a madness!

What is an item you couldn’t go to the skatepark without?

The item I can’t ride without is my Core knee pads. Without them I feel like I can’t ride as I fall to my knees trying things and without wearing them falling to my knees would absolutely kill and I would cry!

What’s your favourite skatepark at the minute and why? 

My favourite skatepark at the moment has to be Deeside, it’s just been rebuilt after getting knocked down. I grew up riding that skatepark everyday after school and now seeing it rebuilt and have an amazing layout it’s awesome. Such a vibe when you go down.



First of all we have to start off with the scooter as I need that for riding and going up and down the ramps and doing tricks so a scooter is very important to have!


My Core bag is also a big part of the session as I can fit all my pads, drinks, tool kit and many more in there. Plus it has many different pockets to organise your stuff!


I also have a few masks with me just in case I need to use one for a flight or when I’m travelling to different countries and the rules are different always got some handy!


Can’t be going to a session without my knee pads, one of the most essential items to the session. These allow me to try new tricks without getting hurt and stay protected. These are by far the best knee pads in the game.


I also have horse tape which is really good for your ankle and knees when you ride. It stops them moving a lot and keeps them nice and tight. I used these after hurting my ankles in Barcelona as moving too far left or right hurt so these just protected them!


I also carry my gum shield as wearing that gives me a bit more confidence to try a big trick. For example I wore that doing the first triple backflip to wood!


Another big part of my session is my helmet. The core street helmet I have now is triple certified and is one of the comfiest helmets I’ve ever tried on. I’ve hit my head a few times and it’s saved me a lot so I recommend a core helmet they are the best!


I also have my core ankle sleeves which are so comfortable and support your ankles a lot and I feel make you ride better. Plus it doesn’t hurt when you hit your ankles which is a big thing in scootering!


I also have my trusty airforce 1s. These shoes are the best for riding it they are so comfortable and don’t give you any heel bruise what so ever. They make me feel confident when riding as I know if I land hard on my feet I’ll be protected!


I also have my trusty wallet which I use for buying drinks food and petrol. Bringing this to the session is important as sometimes I’ll leave my house and forget to get drinks so I have to stop off and get some!

Last but not least I have my car keys which I need to go from park to park. Being able to drive from park to park makes it so much easier to go when you want feels like you have freedom to go when you want where you want!

Luckily this time I brought my water bottle with me filled it up with water and put lemons in to try be more healthy!



I’ve also brought my portable charger as I’m always filming for insta TikTok etc on my phone so I need always be charged up ready to film banger!

Leading on with that I have my IPhone 13 pro max 1 terabyte of data madness camera so the best picture/ video quality. It’s like using a camera but it’s a phone the quality is so good and you can edit on the phones easy using different apps which is important for what I do!


I also have my tool kit which has all the things I need to tighten loosen and mend my scooter. It’s so spare forks, clamps, breaks and many more. It’s also got my trusty 5mm and 6mm Allen keys


I also have my Core hoodie which is sooooo comfortable and warm and is very useful to take with me in these UK parks in the winter as it’s freezing. But Deeside have the skatepark heated where I am today so you don’t need to wear it you get toasty in a second!


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