Tips for Choosing the Perfect Stunt Scooter for Your Riding Style

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Stunt Scooter for Your Riding Style

So, you’re in the market for a new stunt scooter. You’ve completed the first step of the stunt scooter purchasing process—deciding to take the leap. From skill level to riding style, some scooters will work better for you than others. There are a lot of factors that could determine which stunt scooter is best for you, but rest assured that the perfect stunt scooter is out there for you.

There’s a lot to learn, but in this article, we break down everything you need to know about choosing the perfect stunt scooter to match your riding style. Let’s get right into it!

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Stunt Scooter for Your Riding Style

1.   Skill Level

Assess your skill level—are you a beginner, intermediate, or expert rider? What is the difficulty of the tricks that you like to perform? These questions will help to guide you on what type of scooter you will purchase. When selecting a stunt scooter, you might notice skill designations on certain scooters. These skill designations are a brand’s way of guiding your purchase and should be closely paid attention to.

For example, CORE lists the CD1 Stunt Scooter as a beginner-friendly scooter. On the other hand, the ST2 Stunt Scooter is deemed the best fit for advanced and professional riders.


A combination of reasons might be responsible for these designations. The design itself may be better suited for more advanced riders, or the inclusion of the highest quality components might not be necessary for the skill level of a beginner. In the case of CORE, we build scooters with features to directly match skill levels, ensuring that the pros are truly using the best of the best.

You can typically trust these guides from brands when making your decision.

2.   Commitment to Riding

Be honest with yourself—how much are you going to use your stunt scooter? The answer to this question could answer the question of how high quality of a stunt scooter you need.

For example, if you are aiming for daily use of your scooter, you need something with a higher level of quality and durability. These qualities will help you avoid costly repairs and part replacements that add up quickly on some less reliable choices. If you’re an advanced or professional rider, purchasing a scooter that caters to these groups should be a priority for you.


On the other hand, if you’re less serious about riding, you don’t need to invest in the highest quality, most professional-level stunt scooter on the market. If riding is simply a hobby for you, you can afford to be economical with your scooter choice–especially if you are purchasing from a reputable brand.  You simply need something that will allow you to enjoy riding when you want to.

3.   Your Height

Don’t underestimate the height requirements. While it might be disappointing that the scooter you want isn’t available for your height, these guidelines exist for a reason. You want to have the most comfortable riding experience possible, especially if you are investing in a new stunt scooter. These heights are carefully tested, and most scooters are adjustable for comfort within a range.

Luckily, scooter brands typically list these guidelines in an accessible place on their websites. Scooter size guides are also fairly easy to read, like this one from CORE. You can clearly see the lower limit of each scooter that they carry, and as expected, the more advanced models have higher height requirements. The most advanced model, the ST2, has a minimum height of 167 cm, while the beginner adult model, the CD1, has a minimum height of 134 cm.

CORE Stunt Scooter Size Guide

4.   The Type of Rider You Are

The last factor that you should consider when purchasing a stunt scooter is where you are going to ride your scooter. Are you a Park or a Street rider? Many scooter companies design their scooters differently for these two different environments.

Skatepark and street riding offer two unique riding experiences that necessitate changing design and component choices. Before purchasing a new stunt scooter, you should decide where you will be doing most of your riding. If you are a Street rider, you should choose a trick scooter that was built specifically for street riding, such as the CORE ST2 Complete Stunt Scooter. On the other hand, someone who prefers Park riding can choose a scooter built for the skatepark, such as the CORE SL2 Complete Stunt Scooter.

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