Travel Essentials: Jay Matthews

Travel Essentials: Jay Matthews

Recently we sent some of the lads out to Belfast for the Northern Ireland Scooter Championship Hosted by The Ramp House skatepark. We have sent @jayymatthews_  out to a few different comps in various different places so he sure has done the fair bit of travelling before. This is the First Edition to a new Blog, Travel Essentials. 

Where are you travelling to and how longs the trip? 

Im heading to The Ramp House skatepark in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Its not the most exotic place in the world or the furthest but it will still be a good trip. Since i will be there for a good few days, i need to pack for the flight. 

Are you bringing any specific items on this trip that you wouldn’t usually bring? 

I am actually travelling lighter than usual as its only a short trip however, there is a few things i'm bringing this time which i have never brought with me before. First thing is a phone tripod which i use mainly for self filming. Sometimes you gotta just setup the phone and have a little solo session. Also i use this for going live on the CORE socials and having a nice steady shot of whatever i'm going live for. 

I am also bringing some Playing cards with me for the first time. Me and a few mates have recently just got into card games and as i was flying with a few of them i thought it was the perfect pass time in the airport. 

What’s an item that you wish you had for your travels but don’t? 

There is always gonna be something i want for my travels, i will always find some random thing that could benefit the travelling but thats always gonna be the way haha. One thing i'm after at the minute is a good pair of headphones, right now i only have ear phones which are good but after a while they get a little uncomfortable. 

I would also really like to have a nice neck pillow for them late night flights. Ive just never got round to getting one and always seem to put it off, but as soon as feel tired and want to sleep on a flight i always regret not getting one. 

What’s your favourite destination to ride/film? 

I would have to say Barcelona. I always love going to BCN wether its for the annual street jam or for Wold Finals, either way its a good time. Everyone know its got some of the best street spots and some pretty good parks, pair that with the sun and it is a winning combo. 

What are some of your travel hacks that you recommend to someone going on a trip? 

Utilise the shoes. I usually roll socks and stuff them in there or use them for some other stuff thats awkward to pack. It's surprising the amount of space it frees up in your bag. 

This one isn't a hack as such but i always have 2 or 3 forms of boarding passes. On the App, on the Phone wallet and a paper version. Just incase your phone dies or something goes wrong, you never know. 

How do you pack? Roll or Fold your clothes? 

Fold the pants, Roll the tee's and Just stuff everything else. 

This is just my carry on hand luggage for a short trip.

Backpack: Core Helmet Backpack, has all the best compartments.

Tees: Core T-shirts, gotta be repping.

Laptop: Macbook Air, generally to do work wherever there is internet.

Notepad: For all those random ideas that pop into your head every now and then. 

Chargers: Iphone, Macbook and portable chargers. Plus plugs.

Sunglasses: Nothing worse than being blinded in the sky. 

Entertainment: I usually take a book with me on every flight so when i don't have wifi. Currently reading Shoe Dog, about how Nike was founded. Kendama for a quick whirly check and bicycle cards for a game of black jack on the plane.

Snacks: Always gotta bring snacks to try and sneak through security. Airport prices are ridiculous. 

Spare Parts: Wheels are a spare parts essential, sometimes i bring more but only for longer trips. Multi allen key is also a must have to. 

Headwear: Beanie as well as the 5 panel, UK weather is far too unpredictable. 

Electronics: Skullcandy Bluetooth earphones

Misc: Mask because covid, Gum to always stay fresh. Tripod for any filming that gets done on the journey. 

Passport/Wallet: For obvious reasons. 




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