Weekend in Belfast with CORE Team

Weekend in Belfast with CORE Team

This weekend we attended the Northern Ireland Scooter Championship hosted by The Ramp House skatepark. We sent over Jay Matthews and Jack Ward to check out the park and compete in the Championship. Whilst over there they met up with fellow team mates Jamie Hull and Connor Fettes to get some clips.
Friday morning we arrived and heading straight to Ramp House for a session. The park is quite small but its very fun to ride. Later that night everyone else had arrived and was throwing down. The comp hadn't even started yet but because everyone was hyped to be out of the UK for the weekend the vibe was just there. 
After getting some instas and seshing with everyone a bunch of us went out to little wings pizzeria and ended up getting 24" pizzas as a celebration of the first night in Belfast. 

The next morning was the Pro Qualifiers which again everyone was throwing done for, but because it was the finals we were all just having fun with it. I think everyone included a sack tap into their run just for a laugh and for some reason it quickly became and thing and everyone was doing it. After the Qualifiers was done it was Pro Best trick which was absolutely mental. You had Jake Chatterly boosting himself over a massive gap to Wall ride, Jordan Clark throwing doubles, Connor Fettes stomping one of the gnarliest ally oop 5 flairs ever. But there was one trick that without a doubt was the craziest and that was Jacks Inverted hand plant to flair. We still don't know if thats what the trick even is but yeah... Insane! Without a doubt this wont best trick and Jack walked away with the cash 💰

Jack Ward CORE Scooter Pro Ireland Win
The next day was finals and this is where everyone really turned up the level of riding. No more sack taps this time. People were actually going even harder today and chucking in them extra trick here and there to ramp up the scores from yesterday. It's pretty safe to say that at this point everyone was nackered from the last two days of heavy riding but that didn't effect anyones standard of comp runs. 

The vibes where through the roof again. Everyone was cheering each other on and just having a great time competing, however after seeing all the runs done it was obvious that the top spot was either for Jordan Clark or Jamie Hull. Jamie took the Win with a pretty flawless run. It's crazy seeing Jamie ride in comps, its like as soon as that count down starts and he drops in something switches and he goes into comp mode. 

Jamie Hull Scooter Pro
The top Podium spots went too 
🥇 Jamie Hull
🥈 Jordan Clark 
🥉 Harvey Perkins 

Scooter Pro Ireland
All three of the boys had sick runs, especially in a small park but shout out to them for throwing down! 

That night everyone went out to celebrate, with a classic trip to spoons. Drinks on Jamie of course ;) 

Monday morning we all made the journey home feeling pretty rough but it was all worth it for such a great weekend with an amazing group of riders. No Doubt we will be there next year! 

Shoutout to @4130theramphouse and the guys there for hosting such a brilliant competition, the judges Ben and Lucy, the main man Moses for killing it on the Mic and all the lads that sent it all weekend! 

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