What is a Stunt Scooter?

What is a Stunt Scooter?

Most people are familiar with scooters. However, it comes as a surprise to many that there are different variations on the traditional kick scooter. One of these variations is the stunt scooter which has become very popular amongst scooter users who want to take their riding time to the next level.

So, what is a stunt scooter? In this article, we’ll discuss what a stunt scooter is, what makes it so different from typical scooters, and a bit more in-depth about the capabilities of stunt scooters and who should use them.

What is a Stunt Scooter?

What Makes a Stunt Scooter Different from a Regular Scooter?

There are multiple similarities and differences between a stunt scooter and a typical kick scooter. Both scooters have similar makeup–they feature handlebars, two wheels, and a deck on which you stand. They also operate similarly, where the user kicks their foot against the ground to propel the scooter forward and gain speed.


However, while regular kick scooters can be used to perform tricks, they are not built to do so. This is the key difference between the two: Stunt scooters are built to withstand the force involved in landing tricks and performing grinds. They also are less likely to be adjustable, meaning that they cannot fold up or be lowered to accommodate varying heights. Stunt scooters also usually weigh more than kick scooters to account for the difference in durability.

Where Can You Ride a Stunt Scooter?

There are two main types of stunt scooter riders—Park and Street. Park riders prefer riding their stunt scooters in a skatepark, while Street riders prefer riding their stunt scooters on everyday surfaces. Like there are two different types of riders, there are also two types of stunt scooters. Street stunt scooters usually have larger wheels and a higher bar than Park stunt scooters do.


The ability to do tricks with your stunt scooter on the street depends on your local laws and restrictions. Depending on where you live, it might be against local laws to perform tricks on the street. However, stunt scooters are able to be ridden on the street in most places.

What Types of Tricks Can You Do on a Stunt Scooter?

Stunt scooters offer a myriad of trick opportunities, from beginner tricks all the way to professional levels. Think of stunt scooter tricks like you would skateboard tricks, as they are often similar and use similar equipment at the skatepark. Tricks range from simple jumps to elaborate spins, with the professionals tackling daredevil feats that look like something out of a movie. You can leap, spin, flip, and hop on stunt scooters, and new tricks are created all the time!

Here’s a list of common tricks that you can do on a stunt scooter by skill level:


  • The Tail Whip
  • The Wheelie
  • The Bunny Hop
  • The Bar Spin
  • The No Footer


  • The Bar Whip
  • The Opposite Bar Spin
  • The Bri Flip
  • The Deck Grab
  • The Downside Tailwhip


  • The Frontflip
  • The Backflip
  • The Cannon Ball
  • The Umbrella
  • The Bri Twist


  • The Double Backflip
  • The Nothing Front Scooter Flip
  • The Capron Flip
  • The 1080
  • The Quint Whip

Who Should Buy Stunt Scooters?

Stunt scooters can be ridden by children, teens, and adults. People usually recommend that stunt scooters are not necessary for children who are under age 5. These riders are typically still getting the hang of the basic functions of the scooter. However, as soon as children start to show interest in performing tricks, a stunt scooter is the best option to keep themselves and their equipment safe.

Riders should buy stunt scooters if they plan on performing tricks on a scooter. Don’t risk breaking your kick scooter by beginning to use it for tricks. Instead, get the proper equipment, your tricks will be better for it, too!

Where Can You Buy a Stunt Scooter?

Stunt scooters can be found at in-person and online stores. With the popularity of stunt scooters rising, you might even be able to find a stunt scooter at your local big box store. However, stunt scooter-specific stores typically have the best quality inventory for scooters. Stores like CORE that craft specialty stunt scooters are great options for your needs.

CORE offers a complete catalog of pre-built scooters and parts for custom-built scooters for every skill level. Click here to look at all of CORE’s available pre-built stunt scooters so that you can make the leap and get started performing the tricks of your dreams!

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