Jamie Hull is now your new Freestyle scooter WORLD CHAMPION 🥇

Jamie Hull

On the 16th November World skate held the first world championships in Buenos aires, the capital of Argentina. 100s of professional athletes from across the globe gathered together in the heart of the city to battle it out and compete in all different wheeled sports. 

This was the second World finals this year just a couple of weeks after Jamie took home 2nd Place at the ISF world final in Lake Havasu in Arizona USA. WRG take a different judging route to ISF were they included one attempt at a best trick at the end of each run. This best trick makes up a portion of the total score. (unfortunately we don't exactly know by how much) This is also the first time in scooter history were this aspect has been added to a world final competition. 

Jamie put down two incredible runs on the day. His first run scored him an amazing score os 89.00 which after several other riders having their runs it wasn't high enough even for podium. 

At this point Jamie had gone from 2nd on the leaderboard to 6th place with Chris Farris in the #1 spot. Chris had scored a whopping 96.00 point which meant Jamie had a lot of catching up to do. This meant that he had to go even harder on his second run and make it flawless. At this point a slip of the foot was enough to ruin his chances. 

When Jamie dropped in you could see in his face that he was going to give this his all. And that is exactly what he did. Putting down an absolutely flawless run including his signature double flips. Carry loads of speed and landing everything the run was perfect but it wasn't over yet. Jamie Still had his best trick to land in order to secure a podium spot. 

He dropped in and stomped a massive frontflip triple fingerwhip over the box. Executed immaculately scoring him an impressive 97.00 and thus gaining him 1st place on the leader board. 

Although it was almost certain Jamie had done it there was still one more rider to drop. Roomet Saalik who had qualified 1st in the semi-finals still had his second run to do. There was still a chance that Roomet could have replicated what he did in semis and take that number 1 spot. 

Roomet did end up landed a very solid run which some people thought could have taken the win. The atmosphere was so tense that you could even feel the tension through the livestream. All of a sudden the Judges had made their final decision and crowned Jamie Hull the new World Champ. 

Jamie Hull world champion


Jamie hull

Jamie Hull

Jamie Hull

We are over the moon with Jamie and his family and are so immensely proud of him. everyone at CORE has known Jamie since he was the little mohawk kid doing backflips fly out at Rampworx. We all knew that eventually he would one day be world champ but to actually see it happen makes us all very proud of him. 

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