Young Guns Austin and TJ Hit National News!

Young Guns Austin and TJ Hit National News!

Young Guns Austin and TJ Hit National News!
Our Supported riders Austin and TJ Terry featured on ITV news Anglia Last week with an awesome segment on their Passion for Scootering, as well as their hopes for the sport to enter the Olympics in the future. Heres a Few highlights from the ITV news website. 

Adrenaline Alley's backflipping scooter brothers from Essex want to compete at the Olympics

Two pint-sized scooting sensations want their favourite hobby to be made an Olympic sport - so they can bring home the gold for Team GB.

Brothers Austin and TJ Terry are regulars at Adrenaline Alley in Corby and, at just six years old, Austin could be the youngest in the world to have perfected a backflip as he flies along the ramps.

But despite their young age, the brothers from Colchester in Essex do not see anything particularly remarkable about the tricks they do.

Asked if his backflip was difficult, Austin coolly replied: "Not for me, really."

He and his eight-year-old brother already have their sights set on something far more impressive.


Like many other scooter riders, they want it to be made an Olympic sport.

Their dad, Tom Terry, said: "Every scooter rider that is out there at the moment and everyone involved with the scooter community, they all want to push the sport and get into the Olympics in 2028.

"We hope, like skateboarding and BMX, it can be achieved and these boys can actually push forward to ride in the Olympics one day."

Adrenaline Alley is no stranger to Olympic success, after BMX-ers and Corby regulars Charlotte Worthington and Declan Brooks both returned from Tokyo with medals.

Britain's skateboarding bronze medallist - Sky Brown - was just 13 when she competed in Japan.

"In seven years' time, that could be these boys," said Mr Terry.


Credit: ITV News Anglia


We are Super Proud of the Terry boys and can see the bright future ahead of them in scootering!  Let's hope that in 2028 we will get to the olympics, What do we think? 


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