Stunt Scooter Parts—What You Need to Know

Stunt Scooter Parts—What You Need to Know

Have you ever been riding your scooter only to have an equipment failure that ruins your time at the skate park? It happens to all of us, as the life of your stunt scooter is extended by maintenance, upgrades, and part replacements. It’s important to learn about stunt scooter parts to avoid having to hang up your helmet and wait for your scooter to be fixed.

In this article, we’ll cover all that you need to know about different stunt scooter parts so you can start to make your own repairs, replacements, and upgrades on your stunt scooter.

Stunt Scooter Parts—What You Need to Know

An Overview of All of the Stunt Scooter Parts

First, let’s go over each component of a stunt scooter so that you can get familiar with their names and functions. Our list goes from top to bottom, so let’s get started!

Bar Ends

Bar ends prevent the ends of your handlebars from having a metal edge. They help to protect your handlebars, yourself, and others from these blunt metal edges. In fact, most skateparks don’t allow riders to ride without them!

Handlebar Grips

Handlebar grips are also essential, allowing your hands to get a proper grip on your handlebars and protecting the metal from damage and scuffing.


The scooter bar is what makes your scooter secure and stable. There’s a reason why stunt scooters aren’t adjustable–they are the mechanism that allows you to control your movement while doing tricks!


Starnuts are typically installed in the fork or bar for proper compression. They can be found in premade kits.

Compression Bolt

Like the starnut, a compression bolt is usually included in scooter compression systems.


The clamp connects the bar of your scooter connected to the fork of your scooter and bolted into place


The headset allows your scooter to spin, which is essential for stunt scooter tricks! The headset is located in the head tube of the scooter deck and is composed of different pieces, which include the compression ring, head cups, sealed bearing, and a crown raise.


The fork of the scooter connects the deck and bar of your scooter to the front wheel. It’s an essential part of steering for your scooter. In addition, your fork must match your wheels, headset, bar, and compression systems in order to function properly.


The headtube is a scooter part that is typically connected to the scooter deck. This piece connects the deck to the rest of the scooter.


The scooter deck is the part of your scooter that you stand on while you ride it. It consists of the headtube, which connects the deck to the rest of the scooter, and the brake, which helps you slow and stop.


Like the headtube, the brake is also connected to your scooter deck. The brake enables you to slow down or stop while you are riding your scooter.

Grip Tape

Grip tape is adhesive that is placed on the deck of your scooter. It helps to keep your feet in place while you are riding, which gives you more control over your body and your scooter while you ride.


Wheels are essential parts of your scooter—how else are you going to get around? Good scooter wheels will help you get where you want to go. Be aware that there are some wheels that are better for street riding and others better suited for park riding.


Bearings help to enable your wheels to move without causing too much friction. They should be lubricated to keep everything running smoothly.

Repair and Replacement Must-Dos for Stunt Scooters

There are three components of your scooter that need regular servicing. They are the handlebar grips, grip tape, and bearings.

Handlebar Grips

Your grips are likely to deteriorate over time with use. This is completely normal, as your handlebar grips get used every time you ride. They can also take a beating from your scooter dropping on the ground after tricks. It’s important to remember that these are essential components of your scooter, and you should never ride with damaged or ripped grips, as this is a safety concern. Replace your handlebar grips whenever you notice that they are damaged in a way that could affect your grip.

Grip Tape

You should always make sure that your grip tape is clean to extend the life of it. However, with time and use, your grip tape will wear down and no longer serve its purpose. When this occurs, you should replace your grip tape as soon as possible.

Scooter Bearings

Your bearings need to be regularly lubricated to avoid unnecessary friction in your wheels and headset.

Need New Stunt Parts?

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