Skate Wax

Skate Wax



    The first product CORE ever released was skate wax back in 2017, so we are pretty passionate about it. So it was no surprise when it came time for us to release a new block of wax we got a little bit excited...maybe even a little carried away. Introducing the CORE Epic Skate Wax, which is probably the most over-engineered block of skate wax on the planet!

    Made from our secret slide compound (perfected since childhood) and moulded into our custom engineered shape to make applying wax to your favourite spot a breeze!

    We all know one of the most frustrating things can be getting the perfect groove in your wax, so we decided to build 2 pre-grooved shapes into the wax. The first groove can be located on the left-hand side of the wax and is designed to fit nice and snug on a grind rail allowing you to apply that perfect layer of wax without smashing your mums favourite candle to a thousand pieces. The second groove can be located on the top of the wax and is designed for ledges and angle iron. And of course, for those traditionalists that just love a flat block of wax the base and rear have been left flat for you guys.

    CORE Epic Skate Wax Features

    • Rail groove
    • Ledge groove
    • Enhanced grip texture on front
    • Embossed Icon logo on the rear
    • Free CORE Sticker
    • Colours: Red / Teal