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    Looking for a way to increase handlebar compatibility? Look no further than CORE Compression/Shims collection! Our versatile shims and adapters make it easy to switch between different handlebar and compression systems, allowing you to customise your ride to your liking.

    With CORE Shims, you can convert your IHC fork to HIC for full handlebar compatibility, allowing you to run HIC/Titanium bars hassle-free. No more worrying about compatibility issues or having to buy new forks or handlebars!

    For those with HIC bars who want to run SCS compression, we have a solution for you too. Our SCS adapter plug easily installs into your oversized 31.8mm diameter bars, canceling out the slit on your bars and allowing you to rock your SCS set up without having to cut off the slit with dad's tools in the shed.

    And for those with HIC/SCS forks who want to run oversized bars without the use of a SCS clamp, our HIC Conversion Kit is the perfect solution. With this kit, you can easily add it over your forks and ride with oversized bars, like our Titanium bars, for increased strength and weight savings.

    Upgrade your ride with CORE Compression/Shims and experience the freedom to switch between different handlebar and compression systems with ease.