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    Core Hardware 

    At CORE we produce and manufacture the best hardware on the market. Everything including Complete Stunt Scooters, spare scooter components, BMX parts and accessories and Inline Skate Wheels. We set out to make the best of the best and never cut down on quality! clearly it is important that we make sure our Product is indeed the best it can be. Without a doubt we have the best riders in the world testing all our gear.


    Furthermore, everything meets and complies with all regulations and testing standards for extreme sports goods.


    We have been involved in the Extreme Sports industry for over a decade. Whether it's BMX, Inline skating, Skateboarding or scootering we have worked closely with these different sports for a while now. When Manufacturing hardware for these different sports you need to know about the engineering and design process along with industry knowledge. With spending this long in action sports and especially in skateparks that's exactly what we have gained which makes us so indifferent to a lot of modern brands.

    Stunt Scooters 

    CORE is very proud to introduce our first range of complete stunt scooter, the SL1 (Super Light 1)! After creating some of the most in-demand scooter parts on the market the next logical step for us to take is producing our own range of pro stunt scooters.

    We didn’t rush this process. It's been 2 years in the making to perfect our design and manufacturing, and we couldn’t be happier with Hardware we have produced. The CORE SL1 complete stunt scooter is designed with skatepark riders in mind looking to take their riding to the next level. Engineered from the ground up to be one of the lightest stunt scooters on the market, you're about to unlock all those tricks you’ve been trying at your local spot!

    Scooter Parts 

    CORE prides itself on making some of the best stunt scooter Harware in the industry. We make sure all of our products meet the demands of the most advanced riders on the planet. To do this we have had everything tried and tested by our Pro Team.

    From Titanium Bars to Wheels and Grips, we make everything you need to build your dream scooter set up. 


    If you are thinking about getting into skateboarding then look no further! The CORE C2 Complete is the perfect Skateboard for kids, other beginners and intermediates. Whether it's park skating, in the streets or simply just cruising around the C2 is the best option for you. 

    The C2 complete skateboard has the best overall dimensions and components for all beginners as well as intermediates. With Great quality parts and dimensions this will see you through from just starting off to landing your first bunch of tricks. Check out the specifications below. 

    Not only do we have complete skateboards, but we have all the skateboard hardware you need too. from truck bolts (hadware) to griptape and everything inbetween we've got you covered. 


    With BMX being one of the biggest action sports out there we have always wanted to get involved with it. As we already supply the best Protection for action sports it was only right to put together a killer BMX team and get some of the Best riders in the world hooked up with our protection and HArdware too. With big names like Kieran Reilly and Kaine Mitchell riding our gear they truly put our products to the test. Not only do we have protection for BMX but our hardware such as Handlebar grips and Headsets are also compatible with all Bikes. Not Just BMX but MTB and the Majority of all bikes too.

    Inline Skates

    CORE has become a market leader in manufacturing Aluminium Wheels in the action sports industry for many years. Our unique bonding process and CORE designs have become a must-have wheel for Pro and amateur riders everywhere. With deep roots in the blading industry, we wanted to design hardware to help improve people's skating experience when riding in the park. Skate wheels

    Designed to give you a smoother, stronger and more stable ride than traditional plastic core wheels. The CORE Aero Wheels will change the way you experience skating. More inline skating hardware to come soon.