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    CORE Titanium Stunt Scooter Bars

    CORE has become renowned for making the best titanium scooter bars on the market. Our Titanium Bars ae made from the highest quaility material available. To ensure a strong a smooth ride we use the best menufacturing techniques for our Titanium bars. CORE Apollo & Nova bars are available in both 630mm and 680mm to fit any riding style. Tested by the best pro riders in the game since 2017.

    Titanium Scooter Bars

    Designed for advanced and professional riders titanium scooter bars make your stunt scooter incredibly light and responsive. Titanium bars are a specialized product for use by smooth and proficient riders. Landing incorrectly, throwing bars from any height or dropping will damage the bars. Our warranty will not cover this. 

    Scooter Handlebar Guide

    If you are Purchasing a new Set of Handlebars then there are a few things you should know. 

    Firstly you should consider if you want Steel, Aluminium or Titanium bars. We have gone in depth into each bar option so that you can find out what's best for you. 

    Stunt Scooter Handlebars - Scooter Bars - Scooter Bar Sizes

    Steel (Chromoly) Scooter Bars

    Steel handlebars for stunt scooters are arguably the strongest out of the three. However due to this they are also the heavier option. We would recommend Steel bars for older riders or heavier riders who potentially throw their scooters round more than the average beginner, Which is why the CORE ST1 Complete Stunt Scooters comes pre loaded with Steel Scooter Bars. 

    If you are someone who wants to get the most out of their money and don't mind the extra added weight to your scooter then steel bars or the ST1 Complete Scooter is the best option for you. 

    Aluminium Scooter Bars

    Aluminium bars are a great lightweight alternative to steel, they’re not as strong but are still pretty durable for most scooter riders. With our design and quality, the CORE SL aluminium Scooter bars can be a great way to cut weight down on your stunt scooter which will allow you to learn a variety of new tricks a lot quicker. Our SL Aluminium bars tend to be priced a little higher than steel due to the more detailed design and manufacturing process. We would recommend Aluminium Scooter bars for younger riders looking to save weight on their ride which is exactly why they are a key component in saving weight on the CORE SL1 Complete Stunt Scooters. (SL stands for super light)

    Titanium Scooter Bars

    Titanium Scooter Bars were first brought to the UK by CORE in 2017. Since then they have become an essential part of any professional scooter riders set up. Titanium bars are almost as strong (if not stronger in some cases) than Steel bars. CORE has a full range of Titanium bars (which are often copied) including the infamous CORE Apollo Titanium Bar which has become the best selling Titanium bar in the sport. Titanium scooter bars are the lightest option for any scooter rider looking for the best option money can buy. Because of this all of our Pro riders such as Jack Ward exclusively ride CORE Titanium Bars. Check Out Jacks Signature HALFBARZ Ti bars here. 

    Stunt Scooter Bar Size

    It is really important that you choose the right size handlebars for you and your stunt scooter. We have broken down each of the different sizes of handlebars we manufacture and what they mean. This information can also be applied to all Stunt scooter handlebars no matter the brand, but of course, CORE bars are the best ;-) 

    Diameter (or thickness) is the most important size dimension. You need to take this into consideration when purchasing a new set of scooter bars. 

    Standard Bars

    The first (standard bar) refers to our Steel T bars which are featured on our ST1 Completes. They will fit on mostly every clamp on the market. A Shim will be required when using oversized clamps, which is included with all CORE SCS and double clamps. The Inside diameter is smaller which means they are not compatible with IHC forks unless a slit is cut. 

    Oversized Bars

    Oversized bars otherwise known as aluminium bars have the same inside diameter as Steel Bars however the outside diameter is larger, measuring at 35mm. This is due to aluminium needing to be thicker to have the same durability as steel. Our SL bars that come on our CORE SL1 Complete Stunt Scooters and also aftermarket are super durable and lightweight and can be used with our SL Double Clamps and SL IHC forks. Because of the Inside diameter size you will not be able to use our HIC version of the SL fork as they are not compatible. 

    Titanium Scooter Bars (Oversized)

    Saving the best for last are Titanium Bars, or our second oversized bar in this case. Titanium bars have a larger inside diameter which means they are compatible with HIC forks, or IHC forks if you use our new IHC to HIC converter shim! Because titanium is super strong the thickness of the tube is the same outer diameter size as the steel bar in the first diagram. This gives you the best strength to weight ratio. 

    Scooter Bar Width

    When it comes to width on a scooter bar this the typical rule of thumb. The taller you are the wider you want your bars to be. Or to be more precise, the longer your arms are. As we know, scooter riders prefer different shapes and sizes for their handlebars. When designing our handlebars we took time in researching and experimenting with different sizes to find out what is best. Our SL bars come in at 540mm wide which we have found to be an excellent size for this style of bar. The ST1 Complete comes with bars that are 620mm wide which is bigger than the SL because they are designed and aimed at an older rider, therefore, giving a more comfortable ride. All of our titanium bars come 630mm wide and we have found that a wider bar is the best option for titanium. 

    Scooter Bar Height 

    When purchasing a set of Handlebars you should always go for something that you will be comfortable with and typically the taller you are the bigger you want your bars to be. Generally speaking, bars that go up to your waist are a good size, but it's all about personal preference. We offer our titanium scooter bars in two different heights. 630mm and 680mm high. This is to give a wider option for different riders. We explain different sizes in our Stunt Scooter buying guide, so if you would like more information on why the height of handlebars is important then check it out!  

    Bar Slit

    You may notice that our SL and titanium scooter bars come with a pre-cut slit in the bottom. This is for IHC and HIC compression systems. When you tighten your clamp this slit allows the bar to compress over the forks and tighten up correctly leaving you with a secure scooter. This feature isn’t Compatible with SCS compression as the bars do not compress onto anything when using this system. That is why we have manufactured a Bar Adapter that slots perfectly into our titanium bars meaning you can use them for all compression types. The Bar Adapter comes with every pair of CORE Titanium bars you purchase, giving you the option to ride your bars with whatever compression you like. They can also be bought separately at all good retailers!

    How to fit your scooter handlebars

    1. Make sure your compression system is tight enough. 
    2. Fit your clamp to the bottom of your handlebars. You may need to loosen the bolts to do this. If you are using SCS Compression you will need the clamp to be attached to the fork and tightened first. 
    3. Then place your bars over your forks or into your SCS compression and make sure they are all the way down. 
    4. Make sure the bars are inline with your front wheel
    5. Go ahead and tighten the bolts on your clamp. Tightening each bolt a little at a time to ensure the clamp is tightened properly. 

    And that’s it your bars are now fitted to your scooter! 

    We recommend you double-check your scooter before every ride to reduce the chances of damage to yourself and Scooter parts. 

    To check out all the handlebars we have to offer at the top of this page.