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    If you're a skater or scooter rider, you know the importance of having the right gear for your performance. And one of the most essential parts of your gear is your socks. That's why our Performance Skate Socks collection offers the freshest and most stylish socks that are specifically designed to keep your feet feeling fresh and comfortable throughout your skateboarding or scootering adventures.

    Our sport socks are crafted from a blend of premium-quality materials including 77% combed cotton, 13% elastic, and 10% spandex, ensuring durability and long-lasting wear. The cushioned heel and toe provide extra comfort and protection while the elasticated arch support adds additional stability and support, making them ideal for any action sport.

    What's more, our adult-sized socks are designed to fit most foot sizes and come with an embroidered crest logo on the ankle, giving them a touch of style that makes them perfect for everyday wear. Whether you're hitting up the skatepark or running errands, our CORE Performance Skate Socks will keep your feet comfortable and stylish.

    At CORE, we believe that socks are more than just an accessory - they're an essential part of your gear. That's why we've designed our socks to be both comfortable and stylish, so you can perform at your best and feel confident while doing it. So if you're looking for the ultimate sport socks for skating or any other action sport, look no further than our collection. Shop CORE today and experience the ultimate in comfort and style.