CORE Helmets at John Lewis Oxford Street, London

CORE Helmets at John Lewis Oxford Street, London

John Lewis CORE Action Sports

If you have walked down Oxford Street in the last few weeks you may have noticed a few CORE Helmets in the window of John Lewis. For those that don't know, John Lewis is a high end department store based in the UK that has been trading on the prestigious Oxford Street since 1864 and pretty much every other major city in the UK. Over the past few months they have been retailing some of our products and then decided to put them on the main display in Oxford Street. 

CORE Action Sports at John Lewis Oxford Street

When we started the brand back in 2017 we would have never guessed such a prestigious retailer of premium goods would be showcasing our brand in their shop windows in London! Check out our range of protectionscooters and skateboards available from John Lewis today for online delivery.  

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