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    Stunt Scooter Grip Tape

    Scooter Grip tape is a massively essential part of your scooter! Grip tape is the rough, sandpaper like material that is put onto the top of your deck. This is to keep your feet in place when riding and performing tricks. Without Grip tape riding your scooter properly and safely is incredibly difficult and can sometimes be dangerous. Griptape must be used with every scooter or deck. a This is why we include grip tape with all of our Complete Stunt Scooter as well as our Aftermarket decks. 

    Grip tape is also another great way to customise your scooter and give it a fresh new look. With all the different colour ways and designs we have to offer.  You really can give your scooter an eye catching upgrade that will boost your Performance.  

    How to Install Scooter Griptape 

    If you are using the Core Griptape that comes with all CORE decks then all you need to do is peel off the adhesive tape like a sticker. Line the grip tape cutouts with the holes on the deck. As well as the rear dropouts and the head tube. Stick the grip tape to the deck and use the left over sheet to smooth out the grip. Make sure that there are no air bubbles in the grip tape. Some air bubbles may appear and if they do you can pop them with a pin. (make sure you get an adult to compelte this step) 

    If you are fitting a Piece of regular CORE grip tape you need to firstly make sure that you have the right size grip tape for your deck. All CORE grip tape comes 5.5” wide by 22.5” long. This should fit most scooter decks on the market. Also make sure you have adult supervision as this process requires sharp tools.  

    Begin by taking off your brake and axle from the rear of the scooter deck. Peel off the Self adhesive and stick the grip tape onto the deck. Try and line up and make the grip tape straight when applying it to the deck. Using something like an allen key, score the overlapping edges of the grip tape around the deck. Then cut off the excess grip tape with a stanle  Knife or Boxcutter. (make sure you ask an adult to complete this step) You will have to do this in the cutouts as well. You can not attach the brake and rear axle and you are now ready to fit your freshly gripped deck onto your scooter. 

    When to replace your grip tape?

    As we have said, grip tape is a very important component to your scooter. This means that replacing your grip tape is really important. Our grip tape is super grippy and durable but doesn’t last forever and will need replacing from time to time. 

    When you can feel the grip tape getting less rough and almost smoothing in some areas then it's time to get a new sheet. If you start to feel your feet slipping or loosing grip to the deck then its time to replace your grip tape. 

    Water and dirt will also shorten the lifespan of your grip tape. Try to avoid getting your scooter wet or dirty as this will mean your grip tape will need replacing quicker than usual.

    Why Choose CORE grip tape?

    Our Grip tape has been tried and tested by the best riders in the game. It's been through some serious abuse by our Pro Riders so you know it's going to be reliable. 

    With the Great universal dimensions CORE Grip tape will fit pretty much all scooters available. 

    With 46 different designed and colour ways and in counting, you really can personalise and make up a sick unique look that will work with all scooter parts on the market.