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    When it comes to riding, whether it's BMX or any other sport, protecting your hands is of utmost importance. That's why CORE Protection brings you a range of high-quality riding gloves that are designed to enhance your performance while ensuring maximum comfort and safety. In this article, we will delve deeper into the benefits of wearing BMX gloves, why you should choose CORE Gloves, and the importance of getting the right fit for your gloves.

    The Advantages of BMX Gloves

    BMX gloves serve a crucial purpose in enhancing your riding experience and providing protection. Regardless of the style of BMX you engage in, wearing gloves should be a priority. Here are some key advantages of using BMX gloves:

    Hand Protection: One of the primary reasons to wear BMX gloves is to protect your hands from injuries. When you fall or experience accidents while riding, your hands are often the first point of contact with the ground. Gloves act as a barrier between your hands and the abrasive surfaces, reducing the risk of cuts, abrasions, and other injuries.

    Enhanced Grip: CORE Gloves are designed to improve your grip on the handlebars. With their grip-enhancing design, you'll have maximum feel and responsiveness while riding. This means better control over your bike and increased confidence in executing maneuvers and tricks.

    Sweat Resistance and Breathability: Riding can be physically demanding and cause your hands to sweat. Our gloves are sweat-resistant and breathable, ensuring that your hands stay dry and comfortable throughout your ride. This feature allows you to maintain a strong grip on the handlebars, even during intense sessions.

    Dexterity and Flexibility: CORE Gloves are crafted with a skin-fit design, providing ultimate dexterity over all your fingers. This means you won't feel constrained or restricted while wearing them, enabling you to execute precise movements and maintain a natural feel on the bike.

    Why Choose CORE Gloves

    CORE Protection takes pride in offering one of the best riding gloves available in the market. Here's why you should choose CORE Gloves for your riding needs:

    Skin Fit Design: Our gloves are meticulously designed to fit like a second skin. With a focus on dexterity and flexibility, you'll forget you're even wearing gloves while riding. This design feature ensures optimal comfort without compromising performance.

    Touch Screen Friendly: Staying connected is essential in today's digital world. That's why all CORE Gloves are touch screen friendly. You can effortlessly use your smartphone or capture your ride on Instagram without the hassle of removing your gloves. Don't forget to follow @coreuk for the latest updates!

    Maximum Comfort and Performance: We understand the importance of comfort and performance while riding. CORE Gloves are engineered to provide both. The gloves not only offer superior grip and responsiveness but also keep your hands warm in colder weather conditions. Say goodbye to bulky gloves that hinder your performance.

    Versatility: Although our gloves are designed with BMX riders in mind, they are suitable for various sports and activities. Whether you're into mountain biking, skateboarding, or any other high-impact sports, CORE Gloves will elevate your performance and protect your hands.

    Getting the Right Fitting Gloves

    Choosing the right size and fit is crucial for optimizing the benefits of your riding gloves. Here are some key considerations:

    Snug Fit: It is essential to choose gloves that fit snugly. A snug fit ensures that there are no loose sections, providing better control and grip on the handlebars. However, be cautious not to opt for gloves that are too tight, as they can restrict blood flow and cause discomfort.

    Grip and Dexterity: The right size gloves enable optimal grip and dexterity. If the gloves are too big, you may struggle to maintain a secure grip on the handlebars. On the other hand, gloves that are too small can limit finger movement and hinder your performance.

    Size Guide: To help you find the perfect fit, we provide a comprehensive size guide. It is highly recommended to refer to this guide before making a purchase. Taking accurate measurements of your hand size will ensure that you select the right size for maximum comfort and effect.


    CORE Protection Gloves are designed to enhance your riding experience while providing essential protection for your hands. By wearing these premium gloves, you benefit from improved grip, reduced sweat, and enhanced comfort. Whether you're a BMX rider or engaged in any other high-impact sport, CORE Gloves are a reliable choice to elevate your performance. Remember, getting the right fit is crucial, so refer to our size guide before making a purchase. Explore our full range of protective gear and ride with confidence and style! Stay safe, stay protected with CORE Protection.