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The Ultimate Stunt Scooter Gear Guide: What You Really Need

When it comes to stunt scootering, having the right gear can make all the difference. Whether you're just starting your journey or you're an experienced rider looking to upgrade, this comprehensive gear guide will help you make the right choices. From safety equipment to choosing the perfect stunt scooter and maintenance gear, we've got you covered. Let's dive into the world of stunt scooters and find out what you really need!

CORE Protection

Safety Equipment: Protecting Yourself Comes First

Helmet: Your First Line of Defense

When it comes to extreme sports like stunt scootering, your safety should always be a top priority. And there's no better way to safeguard your noggin than with a reliable helmet. CORE offers not one but two fantastic helmet ranges that not only provide top-notch protection but also add a dash of style to your riding.

First up, we've got the CORE Street Helmet, a helmet choice that combines form and function seamlessly. Its sleek design and wide range of colour choices ensure you can pick a style that suits your personality. But it's not just about looking cool; this helmet is designed to keep you safe. With CORE's Street Helmet, you can confidently attempt those daring tricks knowing that your head is well-protected.

CORE Street Helmet

If you're looking for a helmet that's endorsed by world-class pro athletes, look no further. Our helmets are approved by athletes who've pushed the boundaries of what's possible. For instance, Red Bull athlete Kieran Reilly, known for landing the world's first triple flair on a BMX, swears by CORE's helmets for their unmatched quality and protection. When you're wearing the same helmet as the pros, you know you're in good hands.

But that's not all. The CORE Action Sports Helmet is another choice that combines style and safety, offering riders a wide array of colour options. This helmet is perfect for all levels of riding, ensuring you're protected as you tackle new challenges and stunts.

CORE Action Sports Helmet

Knee Pads and Elbow Pads: Safeguarding Your Body

If you're thinking about taking the plunge into the heart-pounding world of stunt scootering, it's essential to be aware of the risks involved. We're talking about adrenaline-pumping activities that can give you the thrill of a lifetime, but they can also put your body through the wringer if you're not prepared. So, how do you prevent those gnarly wipeouts from turning into a major pain? The answer is simple: invest in some top-notch protective gear.

Let's face it, knee and elbow scrapes are just not a good look. They can also be downright painful and keep you sidelined when all you want to do is tear through the skatepark. CORE, a brand known for quality, offers a killer lineup of knee and elbow pads that'll have your back (and knees, and elbows, of course).

First up, the CORE Street Knee Pads. These bad boys are perfect for riders of all levels. Whether you're just getting started or you're a seasoned pro, these knee pads have got your back – or rather, your knees – covered. They're comfortable, durable, and ready to take a beating so you don't have to.

CORE Street Knee Pad

For the more advanced riders who like to push the limits and embrace the thrill of bigger falls, there's the CORE Pro Park Knee Pads. These knee pads are like your personal bodyguards in the world of extreme sports. They offer superior protection and are designed to withstand some serious rough and tumble. These pads have also been extensively tested by our Pro Team, including Jack 'HALFBARZ' Ward who used them on the Nitro Circus Mega Ramp!

CORE Pro Park Knee Pad

But wait, there's more! If you're all about that full-body protection, check out the Triple Pro Street Pad Set. This set includes not only knee pads but also elbow pads and wrist guards. It's the ultimate starter pack for those who want to go all out. With these pads, you'll be ready to conquer any challenge that comes your way, and you'll do it in style.

CORE's knee and elbow pads don't just offer protection; they're also designed with your comfort in mind. You won't feel like a clunky, robotic warrior when you're wearing them. Instead, you'll have the freedom to push your limits without that constant nagging fear of injury. It's all about getting the most out of your extreme sports experience while staying safe and sound.

CORE Team Rider Jack Ward Riding The Nitro Circus Mega Ramp

Gum Shield: Protecting Your Pearly Whites

A gum shield might not be the first thing that comes to mind, but protecting your teeth is essential. CORE provides excellent gum shields that ensure your smile stays intact even during the most daring tricks. These gum shields are not only protective but also stylish, available in four vibrant colours. What's even better is that they are fully re-mouldable, guaranteeing a snug and comfortable fit. So, don't forget to add a CORE gum shield to your gear list and ride, jump, or shred with confidence, knowing your smile is safe and stylish.

CORE Scooter, Skate & BMX Gum Shield

What Stunt Scooter Should I Choose?

CORE SL2 Scooter: For Pro-Level Riders

If you're an experienced rider looking to take your skills to the next level, the CORE SL2 scooter is a pro-level option. Designed for high-level tricks and performance, this scooter is a fantastic choice for riders who demand the best. The CORE SL2 Scooter has earned a reputation as a cult favorite among skatepark riders worldwide. However, it didn't stop there. The team behind CORE went the extra mile to improve upon this beloved model by gathering customer feedback from across the globe and combining it with input from their professional riders.

The end result is the CORE SL2 Complete Stunt Scooter, and it's a beast! It boasts an array of enhancements, from a lightweight forged neck tube to improved deck cutouts, a reinforced over-mold brake, plastic dropouts, wider fork, 6mm bolts throughout (even on the brake), skinny grips, and the new CORE alignment system (CAS). This complete scooter was engineered from the ground up, leaving no room for cost-cutting, and every component is meticulously improved. It's a scooter designed by riders, tested by riders, and ultimately approved by riders. The CORE SL2 has endured rigorous real-world testing by a professional team, including some daredevil stunts like sending it over the Nitro Circus mega ramp. Made from 6061 Aluminium (the same material NASA uses for spaceships), you can trust it to withstand whatever challenges you throw at it.

CORE SL2 Pro Stunt Scooter

CORE CL1 Scooter: Versatile and Lightweight

The CORE CL1 scooter is perfect for riders of all skill levels. It's incredibly lightweight, offering excellent control, making it suitable for both beginners and pro riders. If you're looking for a versatile option, this is it. The CORE CL1 is not only a lightweight marvel but also perfectly balanced, providing you with the confidence to perform the biggest and hardest tricks with ease. Its 5-inch wide by 19-inch long deck strikes an ideal balance between comfort and manoeuvrability. Moreover, the CORE CL1 boasts premium components, from grips to axles, ensuring the best possible stunt scooter experience. Its slim grips offer comfort and lasting performance while providing maximum grip. The SL deck, now featuring interchangeable nylon square dropouts, sets it apart, giving you the freedom to adapt your riding style as you progress in your scootering journey.

CORE CL1 Complete Stunt Scooter

CORE ST2 Scooter: Ideal for Street Riders

Street riders and older enthusiasts will appreciate the CORE ST2 scooter. It features a boxed deck with an integrated peg system, making it perfect for conquering the streets and pushing your limits. This isn't just an update; it's a significant upgrade to the earlier ST1 model. With enhancements in nearly every component, the CORE ST2 is designed to deliver unbeatable performance. Its construction from 6061 Aluminum, the material NASA uses, and high-tensile steel ensures durability even in the face of your most ambitious tricks. Just like other CORE scooters, the ST2 has been thoroughly tested by professional riders, ensuring that it lives up to the brand's high standards of quality and performance.

CORE ST2 Pro Street Stunt Scooter

CORE CD1 Scooter: The Ultimate Beginner Scooter

For beginners who want to take their scootering seriously, the CORE CD1 is the ultimate beginner scooter. It features a boxed end deck and pro-level parts, ensuring that you have the right gear to progress in your scootering journey. Designed and engineered in England by a leading scooter brand, the CORE CD1 offers a combination of durability and performance that's unmatched in its class. Its lightweight aluminium frame and metal core wheels provide a smooth and stable ride, while the premium grip tape on the deck enhances control and traction, making it easy to learn grinds. One unique feature of the CORE CD1 is its eco-friendly two-piece bar design, which not only benefits the environment but also allows for more efficient shipping. This scooter also incorporates a fully integrated headset, a feature usually reserved for top-end scooters, further enhancing its performance and lifespan.

CORE CD1 Stunt Scooter Complete Range

CORE Foldy Scooter: Perfect for Young Riders

The CORE Foldy scooter is the ideal choice for young riders. With adjustable handlebars, light-up LED wheels, and a foldable deck, it's a great option for kids who want to enjoy the world of stunt scootering. The CORE Foldy Junior Kick Scooter is designed for kids aged 5-10, and it's not just stylish and fun – it's also safe and durable. It features a lightweight yet sturdy design and a rear brake for quick stopping. The LED wheels add an extra element of visibility, ensuring that young riders can confidently enjoy their scooter adventures day or night.

It's the perfect gift for young thrill-seekers, whether they're heading to the skatepark or simply cruising around the neighbourhood. The CORE Foldy scooter is an excellent entry point into the world of stunt scootering for kids. Additionally, CORE offers a variety of other scooters and skateboarding gear, from helmets and pads to complete scooter setups. Whether you're a seasoned rider or just starting out, CORE has you covered with quality products that help you enjoy the ride to the fullest.

CORE Foldy Stunt Scooter for Kids Ages 3-6

CORE Custom Scooter Builder

Alternatively, create your perfect stunt scooter with the CORE Custom Scooter Builder. We've meticulously designed and manufactured each scooter part, but we understand that you want to infuse your individuality into your ride. With our cutting-edge custom scooter builder, you're in control. This tool allows you to choose your colors, mix and match parts, and bring your personal style to life. As you navigate through our extensive catalog of scooter components, watch your one-of-a-kind creation come to life in real-time, right before your eyes.

CORE Custom Stunt Scooter Builder

Maintenance Equipment: Keeping Your Scooter in Top Shape

Bearing Lubricant: Smooth and Efficient Performance

Proper maintenance is essential for keeping your scooter in prime condition. Bearing lubricants help ensure that your scooter's bearings stay smooth and efficient, allowing you to perform tricks with ease. Check out CORE Bearing Lube today.

Spare Grip Tape and Bearings: Be Prepared for Anything

Having spare grip tape and bearings on hand is a smart move. These components are easy to replace and can keep your scooter performing at its best. CORE offers a wide range of options, so you'll always have the right spare parts when you need them.

CORE Stunt Scooter Grip Tape

Tools: Be Your Own Mechanic

Carry essential tools like a 5mm and 6mm Allen key and a 13mm spanner with you. These tools are essential for on-the-go adjustments and repairs, ensuring that your scooter is always in top shape.

Backpack & Scooter Travel Bag: Ready for Any Adventure

CORE Scooter Travel Bag: Your Ultimate Travel Companion

The CORE Scooter Travel Bag is designed to securely accommodate your scooter and all its components in one convenient package. Crafted from water-resistant materials, it ensures your scooter stays protected in various weather conditions. Equipped with multiple sturdy carry handles and comfortably padded backpack-style shoulder straps, this bag makes transporting your scooter a breeze. Inside, the bar cavity is thoughtfully padded to safeguard your scooter's bar and deck during travel. Once you arrive at your destination, you can use the velcro bar straps on the outside to clip your bag to your scooter while riding to your hotel or spot. This travel scooter bag boasts an interior velcro strap designed to secure your deck, along with two quick-release snap straps to keep your bars securely in place. To add to its functionality, the bag features two spacious interior pockets, perfect for storing small scooter parts, tools, or even your phone. The CORE Scooter Travel Bag is the ultimate in scooter travel convenience.

CORE Stunt Scooter Travel Bag

CORE Helmet Backpack: No More Flapping Helmets

The CORE Helmet Backpack comes with a secret zip pocket at the bottom that contains a net to hold your helmet securely while you're on the go. It's the ideal companion for trips to the skatepark or school. With features like a laptop holder that fits up to a 15-inch laptop, an external USB port for easy device connection while traveling, and a water bottle holder on each side, this backpack is all you need for a day of scootering. It's made from super strong 600D material and offers a large main compartment, a small front pocket for accessories, a front zip pouch with a covered zip, angled zip pocket for your quick-to-reach items, and even pen holders. The padded back and straps ensure extra comfort while carrying your gear. The CORE Helmet Backpack is designed to provide the ultimate convenience for scooter enthusiasts on the go.

CORE Helmet Backpack

Water Bottle: Staying Hydrated on the Go

Staying Hydrated: An Essential Part of the Ride

Don't forget to stay hydrated during your scooter adventures. A water bottle is a simple yet crucial addition to your gear, ensuring that you have the energy to keep pushing your limits.


In the world of stunt scootering, having the right gear is essential for safety, style, and performance. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced rider, CORE offers a wide range of gear to suit all levels. From safety equipment that keeps you protected to choosing the perfect stunt scooter and maintaining your gear, CORE has you covered. So, gear up, stay safe, and enjoy the ride as you explore the thrilling world of stunt scootering!

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